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CHGO Attorneys Train Newly Elected Officials

Training for newly elected officials was held on Wednesday, April 27, presented by CHGO attorneys Carl Lumley, Robert Jones, Ed Sluys, Stephanie Karr, Steve Garrett and Ken Heinz on behalf of the Municipal League. Topics included:

  • Role of the League
  • Understanding Mayor/Council Powers,
  • Roberts Rules of Order,
  • Importance of Good Communication
  • Working with Neighboring Cities and Officials
  • Community Best Practices,
  • Working with Administrators, Staff and the City Attorney
  • Statutes Governing Municipalities – What You Can and Can’t Do
  • Open Meetings (Sunshine) Law and How to Avoid Lawsuits
  • The Authority of Boards and Commissions
  • Legal Issues/Zoning Decisions
  • Employment Actions
  • Conflict of Interest/Ethics

Download the following PDF presentations:

  1. Ethics Training for Newly Elected Officials
  2. HR Training for Newly Elected Officials
  3. Sunshine Law Training
  4. Working with Administrators, Staff, City Attorney; Zoning; Authority of Boards and Commissions
  5. Authority and the Exercise of that Authority
April 27, 2016

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